GroovAmp: The Secret Training Tool Of A Smart Musician

If you want to dramatically improve the way you play and enjoy music, read this page carefully: here you'll learn about a "secret" training strategy used by some of the best and smartest musicians, and then you'll discover how to use this highly effective training strategy yourself, with the help of a simple yet powerful training tool: GroovAmp.

With GroovAmp:

  1. Learn a smart training strategy.

  2. Correct the defects that hold you back.

  3. Improve dramatically the quality of your playing.

  4. Impress audiences and fellow musicians.

  5. Play and enjoy music like never before!

So I invite you to learn these training "secrets" and then experience personally how GroovAmp can boost the quality and the joy of your own playing!

Let's start...

The first secret....

Are you ready? This is the first training secret of the smart musician who wants fast and powerful results:

Systematically record and listen to yourself when you practice.

If you just play, play, play, but never record yourself and listen carefully, you lose at least 60% of the benefits of your practice.


Because you don't get sufficient feedback.

You see, while you are busy playing, you hear yourself, but you can't really listen objectively to yourself.

Do you understand the difference?

For example, do you remember the first time you recorded your own voice and listened to it? I bet you were quite surprised -- "Gosh, is that how I really sound? I can't believe it!"

You see, just like your voice sounds very different when you hear it "objectively" from a recording, something similar happens with your playing: you can only listen to yourself objectively from a recording.

That's why as soon as you start to record and listen to yourself as part of your practice you will immediately experience dramatic improvements:

  • Defects that plagued your playing for years start to disappear - sometimes within days.

  • Mediocre-sounding, copycat playing suddenly starts to evolve. You start to develop a strong musical personality and identity.

  • Problems with keeping time decrease. Your sense of time becomes stronger and you can effortlessly follow and lead the music's "groove".

  • You also develop a new, deeper, real-time awareness of how you really sound while playing. This is another great musical asset that will make everything you do much more enjoyable.

The second secret....

Once you appreciate the power of the feedback that only a recording can give you, this is the second secret for achieving powerful results:

Record and listen to yourself repeatedly

Once in a while won't do. It must become a part of your training routine.

In practice, at least for a few weeks at a time, you should invest up to 50% of your practice time in the process of repeatedly playing, recording, and then carefully listening to yourself.

Do that and you will immediately start to improve like never before.

You may now ask, "But if I spend a significant part of my practice time just listening, I'll be actually playing less, so how can that give me better results?"

Well, consider this: do you think a man would shave better in 2 minutes in front of a mirror or in 5 minutes without a mirror?

Obviously, he'd achieve much better results in 2 minutes -- because the mirror gives him immediate and precise feedback -- than in 5 or even 10 minutes without one -- because he woudldn't be able to properly evaluate the result of each movement he makes.

Similarly, you could spend hours, days, or weeks practicing... practicing... practicing... and yet continue to make the same mistakes, have the same hesitatations, get lost in the same places.... sound familiar?... well, that's what happens when you don't get an immediate and precise feedback of how you really sound.

That's why using a smart strategy of systematic playing, recording, and listening will give you the immediate feedback needed to sharpen your senses and stimulate you to quickly improve and refine your playing.

The third secret....

This is an important point to understand, to avoid pitfalls and maximize benefits.

If listening to yourself is unpleasant, it's a good sign!

There are many reasons why listening to yourself can be unpleasant:

  • You notice all your mistakes.
  • You notice all your hesitations and bad habits.
  • You notice you keep repeating the same mistakes....
  • Your playing may sound boring.

But you know what? That's exactly what your listeners hear! And you are the person who needs the most to realize it -- and then improve dramatically!

And let me tell you that by becoming aware of your weak spots -- unpleasant as this can be -- you have already achieved a most important result, and the actual correction and improvement will now take place very quickly if you continue to practice with this strategy.

In other words, sometimes listening to yourself will feel like a bitter medicine.... but it will do you a world of good, and from then onward you'll enjoy the sweet taste of playing better than ever before!

The fourth secret....

Find a way to use your smart training strategy effortlessly

The risk is that, unless you have an easy way of practicing the smart way, you'll end up not doing it. This happens a lot.

On the other hand, if you can make it easy and enjoyable to practice the smart way, you will enjoy great results in a short time.

For example, suppose you want to practice a short but difficult passage from somebody's great solo... You could play the CD with the solo, play on it, record the whole thing on a tape recorder, then rewind and play the tape, listen to yourself, rewinf the tape again, restart the song on CD, and so on.

All of this is good, but you'll waste a lot of time just to operate the CD player, the tape recorder, etc. It's likely that you'll get tired very quickly of this.

On the other hand, with a tool like GroovAmp the whole process is automatic and effortless. You select the tune (from CD, MP3, MIDI, WAV, etc.) and GroovAmp does everything: it plays, records, plays back, rewinds, etc. all by itself, while you spend 100% of your time and attention to playing and enjoying the process.

Visualize the two setups: case one -- fumbling with CD player and tape recorder, pushing buttons every few seconds, playing and rewinding all the time... and compare it to case two -- GroovAmp does everything in real time while you only play, listen, play, listen, play, listen....

It's a big difference, a difference that will lead you to entirely different results.

And this is in fact....

The fifth secret....

Using the best training tools makes a BIG difference.

It's smart to use the best training tools you can put your hands on.

A tool such as GroovAmp is like a "secret weapon" that you can use to quickly achieve impressive musical results:

  • You can play along using any MP3 file, MIDI file, WAV file, CD-audio track.

  • You only focus on playing and listening, and GroovAmp does everything else: it plays the track, records your playing, plays it back for you to listen, and so on, automatically.

  • You can practice specific passages, for example, the first 20 seconds of a solo, and train intensively on that portion. Then select another portion, and so on. GroovAmp helps you to master anything you want to play.

  • You can practice with GroovAmp's built-in digital drummer, with or without recording yourself.

  • In every case, 100% of your time is spent playing, listening, improving... end enjoying yourself thoroughly!

Using GroovAmp you'll discover how fast your musical ability can grow....

You'll experience the pure pleasure of mastering the groove....

You'll quickly understand why GroovAmp is called "the secret training tool of the smartest musicians"....

... and you'll enjoy yourself, and play like you never played before!

The sixth secret....

Don't practice mistakes!

Question: What happens if you go on practicing mistakes and hesitations?

Answer: You'll become very good at playing mistakes and hesitations.

The solution is again feedback: record and listen to yourself sistematically.

Become aware of what you really are playing, stop practicing mistakes.

Use GroovAmp and let those mistakes and hesitation which have plagued you for years disappear like snow in the desert!

System Requirements

  • Windows 98 or successive.
  • Sound card with headphones or PC speakers.

Try it....

....but be warned, it will change forever the way you play and enjoy your music!

You can buy GroovAmp online and download it immediately....

.... or you can first download the DEMO and see it in action before you decide to buy it:

GroovAmp DEMO download

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